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Applicant Name Site Address Permit Type Status Date Permit Number Details
 Thomas A. Leonard  5 WEEKS RD  Residential Building Application  Need Owners email Response  2019-02-15    Details 
 Guy Denommee  75 SYLVAN ST  Plumbing Application  Preliminary  2019-02-15    Details 
 THOMAS WHITE  21 APPLETON ST  Residential Building Application  Fee Paid  2019-02-15    Details 
 John Penney  25 CONANT ST  Electrical Application  Permit # Generated  2019-02-15   E-19-0064  Details 
 John Penney  9 GROVE ST  Electrical Application  Permit Issued  2019-02-15   E-19-0065  Details 
 Craig Carey  9 SPRING ST  Residential Building Application  Fee Paid  2019-02-15    Details 
 martin goulding  37 MOHAWK ST  Electrical Application  Permit Issued  2019-02-14   E-19-0062  Details 
 richard young  16 VISTA DR  Electrical Application  Fee Paid  2019-02-14    Details 
 Michael J. Pallazola  75 SYLVAN ST  Electrical Application  Ready For Payment  2019-02-14    Details 
 John Puccio  19 Edmunds Cove Rd  Electrical Application  Ready For Payment  2019-02-14    Details 
 Joel White  16 CHOATE AVE  Residential Building Application  Pending  2019-02-14    Details 
 Tarvinder Ghatrora  16 VISTA DR  Residential Building Application  Permit Issued  2019-02-14   R-19-0093  Details 
 lance macinnis  5 HOLTEN ST  Electrical Application  Ready For Payment  2019-02-14    Details 
 lance macinnis  13 SHETLAND RD  Electrical Application  Permit Issued  2019-02-14   E-19-0063  Details 
 CBM REAL ESTATE ACQUISITIONS L  222 ROSEWOOD DR  Commercial Building Application  Pending  2019-02-14    Details 
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