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Applicant Name Site Address Permit Type Status Date Permit Number Details
 Allen Helferich  19 BROAD ST  Plumbing Application  Preliminary  2018-12-17    Details 
 Brian Murphy  56 COOLIDGE RD  Gas Fitting Application  Preliminary  2018-12-17    Details 
 joe kingston  8 ARDMORE DR  Gas Fitting Application  Preliminary  2018-12-17    Details 
 Peter Venuto  29 ANDOVER STREET  CO Permit  Permit Issued  2018-12-17   CO-18-89  Details 
 Ayslin Trankels  102 CONANT ST  Residential Building Application  Preliminary  2018-12-17    Details 
 Joseph Whitney  24 Unit-Unit 36 CHERRY HILL DR  Plumbing Application  Preliminary  2018-12-17    Details 
 NORRIS, BRIAN M.  1 KIMBALL AVE  Residential Building Application  Fee Paid  2018-12-17    Details 
 Scott N Gilman  183 HOBART ST  Residential Building Application  Fee Paid  2018-12-17    Details 
 john essery  17 SHETLAND RD  Electrical Application  Permit Issued  2018-12-17   E-18-0695  Details 
 Robert McLaughlin  10 OAK ST  Plumbing Application  Fee Paid  2018-12-17    Details 
 Robert McLaughlin  10 OAK ST  Gas Fitting Application  Fee Paid  2018-12-17    Details 
 JOHN F MARSHALL  24 RICHARDS ST  Gas Fitting Application  Ready For Payment  2018-12-17    Details 
 Daniel Wright  3 SUNSET AVE  Gas Fitting Application  Ready For Payment  2018-12-16    Details 
 Gary Litchfield  287 ANDOVER ST  Residential Building Application  Pending  2018-12-14    Details 
 BRIAN TOTO  15 ESSEX ST  Electrical Application  Permit Issued  2018-12-14   E-18-0697  Details 
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