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Applicant Name Establishment Name Establishment Address Business Town/City Permit Type Email Address Business Number License Number Permit Number Details
   Domenic Scolaro  7 Lothrop Street  Easton  Percolation Tests/Soil Examinations And Groundwater Determination  glossaeng@AOL.com        Details 
 ABC Disposal Service, Inc.  ABC Disposal Service, Inc.  1245 Shawmut  New Bedford  Dumpster Service  jdugan@abcdisposal.com  8003109111    DPS-18-0017  Details 
   Twins-Catering  148 Allen Rd  Easton  Food Establishment        FEP-18-0123  Details 
 Easton MHC LLC  Easton MHC LLC  305 Turnpike St.  Pittsford  Dumpster Application  sarah.barg@morganmanagement.com  5082723877      Details 
   Jason Locke  9 Western Ave  North Easton  Disposal System Construction  jasl1900@me.com  5088375738      Details 
 sandra bourne  Instyle Hair Salon and Spa  479 Turnpike  easton  Body Art Practitioner/Apprentice Application  sandrainstyle@aol.com  5082385511      Details 
 S & T Beauty Corp.  S & T Beauty Corp.  25 Robert Drive  South Easton  Dumpster Application  starnails76@yahoo.com  5082307055    DPBR-18-0203  Details 
 john divincenzo  j and s development corp/ stewarts septic  58 south kimball st  bradford  Septage Hauler  jandsdevelopment@hotmail.com  9783727471    SH-18-0026  Details 
   Damon Rivard  111 Sheridan Street  North Easton  Disposal System Construction  drivard@ridebat.com  5085839494    DSC-18-0018  Details 
 Todd M. Pilling  Todd M. Pilling  20 Stanley Ave.  Berkley  Title V Inspector  t.pilling@comcast.net  5088233376  SI189  TV-18-0027  Details 
   New Heights Builders  9 Hollis  Easton  Disposal System Construction  joyce@newheightsrealestate.com  5085806600      Details 
   Village Rest Home  22 Main  North Easton  Food Establishment          Details 
   KLK Enterp[rises  133 (Lot 2) Purchase ST  West Bridgewater  Percolation Tests/Soil Examinations And Groundwater Determination  edias@strongpointengineering.com      PTR-18-0006  Details 
 Jonathan Snell  Hockomock Environmental  225 South Main St.  West Bridgewater  Septage Hauler  jsnell989@gmail.com  7742222370    SH-18-0025  Details 
   Deborah Aufiero  96 Turnpike Street  S. Easton  Percolation Tests/Soil Examinations And Groundwater Determination  GRCPE@aol.com      PTR-18-0004  Details 
 Paul Hurley T5  Paul Hurley T5  46 Pine brook ln  So.easton  Title V Inspector      SI 13454  TV-18-0025  Details 
 Steven P. Drew  Steven P. Drew  15 Pine Ridge Way  Carver  Title V Inspector      SI13072  TV-18-0026  Details 
 Thoms P. Snell  Thoms P. Snell  225 South Main St.  W. Bridgewater  Title V Inspector  tsnellce@aol.com  5085883441  SI12155  TV-18-0024  Details 
   The Residence @ Five Corners  678 Depot Street  North Easton  Food Establishment  Gobrien@residencefivecorners.com  5085352202    FEP-18-0119  Details 
 will mcneice  podgurski corp  8 springdale ave  canton  Disposal Works (Septic) Installer  wmcneice@podgurskicorp.com  7818280821    DWI-18-0033  Details 
 Porticello Ristorante  Porticello Ristorante  454 Turnpike St.  South Easton  Dumpster Application  Mfsanfi@yahoo.com  5082300220    DPBR-18-0202  Details 
   Porticello Ristorante  454 Turnpike  South Easton  Food Establishment  Mfsanfi@yahoo.com  5082300220    FEP-18-0120  Details 
   Jim Morrissey  58 Highland Street  Bellingham  Percolation Tests/Soil Examinations And Groundwater Determination        PTR-18-0005  Details 
 MICHAEL FERRONE  Briarwood Construction Corp.  31 Belmont St.  S. Easton  Disposal Works (Septic) Installer  cathy1289@aol.com  5083332114    DWI-18-0034  Details 
   Anthony Guarracino  358 Foundry Street  North Easton  Disposal System Construction  completeair@comcast.net  5087252464    DSC-18-0012  Details 
   Holy Cross Church  225 Purchase  South Easton  Food Establishment  bmetz@holycrosseaston.org  5082382235    FEP-18-0117  Details 
 The Residence at Five Corners  The Residence at Five Corners  678 Depot Street  Easton  Dumpster Application  Gobrien@residencefivecorners.com  5085352202    DPBR-18-0201  Details 
   TOWN OF EASTON  87 DEPOT  SOUTH EASTON  Disposal System Construction  GSwan@easton.ma.us  5082300802      Details 
   Pinebrook Village Condominiums  609 Dongary Rd  Easton  Swimming Pool  office@bristolsouth.net  5088232300      Details 
   Rolling Pines Condominiums  1 Pinebrook Lane  Easton  Swimming Pool  office@bristolsouth.net  5088232300      Details 
   Easton Food Pantry Inc.  136 Elm  North Easton  Food Establishment  foodpantry@easton.ma.us  5082300670    FEP-18-0116  Details 
   William Humphrey  12 North Main  North Easton  Disposal System Construction  billhumphrey2257@hotmail.com  5087409410    DSC-18-0011  Details 
 Trojan Recycling, Inc.  Trojan Recycling, Inc.  71 Forest  Brockton  Dumpster Service  stevejr@trojanrecycling.com  5085882332    DPS-18-0016  Details 
   Andrew Tovstukha  5 Dickerman Road  N. Easton  Percolation Tests/Soil Examinations And Groundwater Determination  GRCPE@aol.com      PTR-18-0003  Details 
 Bizarre Hair Salaon  Bizarre Hair Salaon  380 Turnpike Street  South Easton  Dumpster Application        DPBR-18-0197  Details 
   Ed Walsh  367 Center Street  South Easton  Local Upgrade Approval (9A)  ewalsh@hwstaffing.com  5082437603    LA-18-0007  Details 
   Ed Walsh  367 Center Street  South Easton  Disposal System Construction  ewalsh@hwstaffing.com  5082437603    DSC-18-0014  Details 
   Fredrick Hassan  6 Pebblebrook Road  North Easton  Disposal System Construction  fhassan@medtech.com  5083672451    DSC-18-0017  Details 
 Dollar Market  Dollar Market  502 Foundry St.  South Easton  Dumpster Application  aminzama@gmail.com  5083417860    DPBR-18-0196  Details 
   Brown Billone Club  153 Chestnut Street  North Easton  Swimming Pool  bbillone@hotmail.com  5082971599      Details 
 George Lima  G&D Excavation  104 Longwood Ave  Brockton  Disposal Works (Septic) Installer  gdexcavators@gmail.com  5085882080    DWI-18-0031  Details 
 William Logan  W. R. Logan Excavating Contractors, Inc.  113 East Grove  Middleboro  Disposal Works (Septic) Installer  wrlogan12@comcast.net  5089473320    DWI-18-0032  Details 
 Audio Video Intelligence Inc.  Audio Video Intelligence Inc.  519 Foundry Street  Easton  Dumpster Application  Linda@av-intel.com  5082381930    DPBR-18-0198  Details 
 Ian Dunbar  Ames Free Library of Easton  53 Main Street  North Easton  Temporary Food Permit  idunbar@amesfreelibrary.org      TFP-18-0001  Details 
   COA- Sunshine Cafe  15 Barrows  North Easton  Food Establishment  kmcmorrow@easton.ma.us  5082383160    FEP-18-0114  Details 
   Immaculate Conception Church  193 Main  North Easton  Food Establishment  rectory@icceaston.org  5082383232    FEP-18-0115  Details 
   Easton Housing Authority  1 Parker Terrace  N. Easton  Food Establishment  vwinters@ocesma.org  7742851173    FEP-18-0113  Details 
 John Rego  JORO Trust  66 Massapoag Ave.  North Easton  Disposal Works (Septic) Installer        DWI-18-0029  Details 
 Kandis Smith  SmileVana  690 Depot St Unit 3  Easton  Dumpster Application  smilevana16@gmail.com  5082382924    DPBR-18-0195  Details 
 John Scaduto  Pureflo LLC  149 Thomas  Middleboro  Septage Hauler  pureflollc@gmail.com  5088578111    SH-18-0024  Details 
 Kempf Realty Trust  Kempf Realty Trust  43 Belmont  South Easton  Dumpster Application  jimmyckempf@msn.com  5082383671    DPBR-18-0190  Details 
 Karen Tucker  Tucker's Turf Enterprises  226 Turnpike St.  S. Easton  Dumpster Application  kenneth.e.tucker@verizon.net  5082381063    DPBR-18-0191  Details 
   Restaurants To You.Com  110 Center  North Easton  Food Establishment  kevin@restaurantstoyou.com  617 500 44      Details 
 Steven Magnuson  SWS septic Inspections Inc. DBA The septic Guys  134 Commonwealth Ave  Worcester  Septage Hauler        SH-18-0023  Details 
 Republic Services  Republic Services  1080 Airport Road  Fall River  Dumpster Service  kpankowski@republicservices.com  7744883519    DPS-18-0015  Details 
 Steven Magnuson  Steven Magnuson  134 Commonwealth Ave  Worc  Title V Inspector      SI4448  TV-18-0023  Details 
   Subway  2 Belmont Street  Easton  Food Establishment  jamiecobb01@gmail.com  5082437990    FEP-18-0121  Details 
   Honey Dew Donuts  2 Belmont St  Easton  Food Establishment  jamiecobb01@gmail.com  5082437990    FEP-18-0122  Details 
 Easton Real Estate LLC  Easton Real Estate LLC  690 Depot Street  North Easton  Dumpster Application  johnallaire@eastonrealestate.com  5082308600    DPBR-18-0188  Details 
 Honey Dew Donuts  Honey Dew Donuts  17 Carriage Hill Circle  Southborough  Dumpster Application  jamiecobb01@gmail.com  5082437990    DPBR-18-0199  Details 
 Air Energy Group LLC  Air Energy Group LLC  6 Norfolk Ave  South Easton  Dumpster Application  admin@airenergy.com  5082309445    DPBR-18-0192  Details 
   The Beanery  181 Washington Street  Easton  Food Establishment  pea2375@msn.com  7819157638    FEP-18-0111  Details 
   Shino Restaurant  620 Washington st  Easton  Food Establishment  teranawong@gmail.com  6173317581    FEP-18-0110  Details 
 Terana Wong  Shino  620 Washington St.  Easton  Dumpster Application  teranawong@gmail.com  6179017484    DPBR-18-0185  Details 
 The Beanery  The Beanery  181 Washington Street  Easton  Dumpster Application  pea2375@msn.com  7819157638    DPBR-18-0186  Details 
 Easton Auto Body  Easton Auto Body  20 central street  south easton  Dumpster Application  eastonautobody@verizon.net  5082383611    DPBR-18-0200  Details 
 Immaculate Conception Church  Immaculate Conception Church  193 Main St.  North Easton  Dumpster Application  rectory@icceaston.org  5089514148    DPBR-18-0193  Details 
   Southeast MA SNF  184 Lincoln Street  North Easton  Food Establishment  administrator@southeastrehabeaston.com  5082387053      Details 
 Vestcom New Century  Vestcom New Century  5 Norfolk Ave.  South Easton  Dumpster Application  lfitzmaurice@vestcom.com  5082384695    DPBR-18-0184  Details 
 Town of Easton - Parkview School  Town of Easton - Parkview School  50 Spooner Street  North Easton  Dumpster Application  dtwombly@easton.ma.us  5082303200    DPBR-18-0177  Details 
 Town of Easton - Olmstead / Richardson  Town of Easton - Olmstead / Richardson  101 Lothrop Street  North Easton  Dumpster Application  dtwombly@easton.ma.us  5082303200    DPBR-18-0178  Details 
 Town of Easton - Oliver Ames  Town of Easton - Oliver Ames  100 Lothrop Street  North Easton  Dumpster Application  dtwombly@easton.ma.us  5082303200    DPBR-18-0179  Details 
 Town of Easton - Moreau Hall  Town of Easton - Moreau Hall  360 Washington Street  North Easton  Dumpster Application  dtwombly@easton.ma.us  5082303200    DPBR-18-0180  Details 
 Town of Easton - Middle School  Town of Easton - Middle School  98 Columbus Ave.  North Easton  Dumpster Application  dtwombly@easton.ma.us  5082303200    DPBR-18-0181  Details 
 Town of Easton - Center School  Town of Easton - Center School  388 Depot Street  North Easton  Dumpster Application  dtwombly@easton.ma.us  5082303200    DPBR-18-0182  Details 
 Cambridge Farms Inc.  Cambridge Farms Inc.  24 Norfolk Ave  South Easton  Dumpster Application  Ken@cambridgefarms.com  5082972630    DPBR-18-0183  Details 
 Southeast MA SNF  Southeast MA SNF  184 Lincoln St  North Easton  Dumpster Application  administrator@southeastrehabeaston.com  5082387053      Details 
 RDI Logistics Inc.  RDI Logistics Inc.  8 Norfolk Ave  South Easton  Dumpster Application  shouston@rdilogistics.net  5082050530    DPBR-18-0176  Details 
 Michael DeCosta Jr.  Michael DeCosta Jr.  46 Lizotte  Marlboro  Title V Inspector  edurkee@wrenvironmental.com  9788415063  SI13230    Details 
 Nicholas Geneseo  Nicholas Geneseo  46 Lizotte  Marlboro  Title V Inspector  edurkee@wrenvironmental.com  8004991682  SI13988    Details 
 Fred Swain  Fred Swain  46 Lizotte  Marlboro  Title V Inspector  edurkee@wrenvironmental.com  9788415063  SI651    Details 
 Fred Swain  Wind River Environmental  46 Lizotte  Marlbor  Disposal Works (Septic) Installer  edurkee@wrenvironmental.com  8004991682      Details 
 Andrew Webster  Andrew Webster  94 Howard Street  Easton  Disposal Works (Septic) Installer        DWI-18-0035  Details 
 Andrew Webster  Andrew Webster  94 Howard Street  Easton  Title V Inspector      13225    Details 
   Not Just Thaboule  110 Center  Easton  Food Establishment  sawayascatering@yahoo.com  5082380037      Details 
 South Shore Disposal  South Shore Disposal  50 Bedford park  Bridgewater  Dumpster Service        DPS-18-0014  Details 
 Kyle Nilsen  Kyle Nilsen  15 Kingsbrook Way  North Easton  Dumpster Application        DPBR-18-0173  Details 
 James Conceison  James Conceison  20 Poquanticut Ave  N. Easton  Title V Inspector      Ma  TV-18-0021  Details 
 william moreshead jr  moreshead excavating  250 mansfield ave unit 79  norton  Disposal Works (Septic) Installer  donnamoreshead79@comcast.net  5087384124    DWI-18-0030  Details 
   YMCA Swimming Pool  25 Elm Street  North Easton  Swimming Pool          Details 
   YMCA Spa  25 Elm Street  North Easton  Swimming Pool          Details 
   Easton Wine Company  20 Roche Bros Way  North Easton  Food Establishment  MReardon@RWJWine.com  6174134449    FEP-18-0109  Details 
 Edward Hart  Edward Hart  75 Rocky Meadow St  Middleboro  Title V Inspector  ehart411@hotmail.com  6177191120  SI13462  TV-18-0022  Details 
 ED HART  ED HART TITLE V SERVICES LLC  75 ROCKYMEADOW ST  MIDDLEBORO  Disposal Works (Septic) Installer  EHART411@HOTMAIL.COM  6177191120    DWI-18-0027  Details 
 Roberta Hutchinson  Roberta Hutchinson  285 Washington St  North Easton  Body Art Practitioner/Apprentice Application  andreerobere@live.com  5082308394    BAP-18-0006  Details 
 RWJ Beverage MA LLC  Easton Wine  1 Post Office Square, Ste 1950  Boston  Dumpster Application  MReardon@RWJWine.com  6174122800    DPBR-18-0174  Details 
 CASE ASSEMBLY SOLUTIONS INC  CASE ASSEMBLY SOLUTIONS INC  19 NORFOLK AVE  SOUTH EASTON  Dumpster Application  terryc@case-assembly.com  5082385665    DPBR-18-0194  Details 
 Roberta Hutchinson  Andree Robere Salon and Day Spa  285 Washington St  North Easton  Body Art Establishment  andreerobere@live.com  5082308394    BAE-18-0003  Details 
 Tamara Connolly  North Point Management  Easton: 41 Foundry Lake Street 4th fl, Suite 7  Easton  Dumpster Application  tconnolly@northpointmanagement.com  6035942300      Details 
 Saul Payne  Dr. Saul Payne  855 Washington st.  So. Easton  Dumpster Application  saulpayne@comcast.net  5082381515    DPBR-18-0175  Details 
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