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Applicant Name Establishment Name Establishment Address Business Town/City Permit Type Email Address Business Number License Number Permit Number Details
 Steven T. Sullivan  Celtic Landscaping Inc  1856 P.O. Box  Duxbury  Disposal Works (Septic) Installer  celticexcavating@gmaol.com  6179085975      Details 
   David Cudmore  10 Elliot Circle  N. Easton  Percolation Tests/Soil Examinations  GRCPE@aol.com      PTR-19-0022  Details 
   Jennifer Aviles  21 Depot Street  S. Easton  Percolation Tests/Soil Examinations  GRCPE@aol.com      PTR-19-0021  Details 
   Lou Ravanis  12 Michelle Way  Esaton  Well Application  tj@gapmtndrilling.com  6039210157      Details 
 Deborah Doyle  Mama Deb`s LLC  10 Water Street  Middleboro  Temporary Food Permit  mamadebsauce@gmail.com  3398328180      Details 
 Kristen Stone  Kristen Stone  8 Picker Lane  North Easton  Temporary Food Permit  kdostone@gmail.com      TFP-19-0010  Details 
   YMCA Spa  25 Elm Street  North Easton  Swimming Pool  tkusick@oldcolonyymca.org  5082389758      Details 
 OASoftball/Easton Rec Softball  OASoftball/Easton Rec Softball  50 Spooner Street  N. Easton  Portable Sanitation Facilities  rmkk@comcast.net  5088134016      Details 
   YMCA Swimming Pool  25 Elm Street  North Easton  Swimming Pool  tkusick@oldcolonyymca.org  5082389758      Details 
 Dolce Cupcakes @ Simpson Springs  Dolce Cupcakes  24 oldfield drive  South Easton  Temporary Food Permit  dolcecupcakes1@gmail.com  7817185900    TFP-19-0009  Details 
 Jonathan Snell  Hockomock Environmental  225 South Main St.  West Bridgewater  Septage Hauler  jsnell989@gmail.com  7742222370    SH-19-0025  Details 
   David Hall  82 Highland Street  S.Easton  Local Upgrade Approval (9A)    7818441566      Details 
   David Hall  82 Highland Street  S. Easton  Disposal System Construction  david@leco-contracting.com  7818441566      Details 
   PERFECTLY PREPPED @ Simpson Springs  719 Washington Street  Easton  Food Establishment  NICOLE@PERFECTLYPREPPED.NET  7814140506    FEP-19-0143  Details 
 James F McNamara  J. F. McNamara & Sons Corp  161 Morton St. PO Box 6  Stoughton  Household Rubbish and Garbage  michael@jfmcnamara.com  7813449682    HRG-19-0005  Details 
 J.F. McNamara & Sons Corp.  J.F. McNamara & Sons Corp.  161 Morton St.  Stoughton  Dumpster Service  michael@jfmcnamara.com  7813449682    DPS-19-0021  Details 
   Kevin Piccinin  350 Main Street  North Easton  Percolation Tests/Soil Examinations  GDriscoll@JacobsDriscoll.com      PTR-19-0020  Details 
   Bob Mullins  209 Depot Street  Middleborough  Percolation Tests/Soil Examinations  jyoungquist@outback-eng.com      PTR-19-0019  Details 
   Roshanda Turner  50 Main st unit 4114  NEaston  Food Establishment  Turnerroshanda@gmail.com  7742641042      Details 
 Americo Ferrara  A.Ferrara Construction Corp.  28 Foundry Street  Easton  Septage Hauler  aferraraconstcorp@comcast.net  5082302782      Details 
 Americo Ferrara  A. Ferrara Construction Corp.  28 Foundry  South Easton  Disposal Works (Septic) Installer  aferraraconstcorp@comcast.net  5082302782      Details 
   Jimmy Donato  419 Center Street  West Bridgewater  Percolation Tests/Soil Examinations  jyoungquist@outback-eng.com      PTR-19-0018  Details 
   Bernadette Levesque  15 Deborah Lee Lane  N. Easton  Percolation Tests/Soil Examinations  grcpe@aol.com      PTR-19-0017  Details 
 Ames Free Library  Ames Free Library  53 Main  North Easton  Temporary Food Permit  mwingfield@amesfreelibrary.org      TFP-19-0008  Details 
   Slice of Greek  111 Belmont  Easton  Food Establishment  hemayashrkawy219@yahoo.com  5082300042      Details 
   Joseph Grimaldi - Fusion Investments  199 Purchase Street  Easton  Disposal System Construction  joe@joegrimaldilaw.com  5089896139    DSC-19-0021  Details 
   Sarah's Tasty Treats @ Lutheran Church Farmers Market  143 Lincoln Street  North Easton  Food Establishment  Sarahstastytreats1@gmail.com  7742231749    FEP-19-0140  Details 
 CVS/Pharmacy #7232  CVS/Pharmacy #7232  689 Depot St.  Woonsocket  Dumpster Application  wasteremoval@cvshealth.com  9785362500    DPBR-19-0206  Details 
 CVS Pharmacy #972  CVS Pharmacy #972  555 Washington St.  Woonsocket  Dumpster Application  wasteremoval@cvshealth.com  9785362500    DPBR-19-0205  Details 
 CVS Pharmacy #5826  CVS Pharmacy #5826  2 Roche Brothers Way  Woonsocket  Dumpster Application  wasteremoval@cvshealth.com  5082300259    DPBR-19-0204  Details 
   White Rose Pantry  277 Turnpike St  South Easton  Food Establishment  peter241789@gmail.com  2033942820    FEP-19-0138  Details 
   Mahantswamibapa Corp dba White Rose Pantry  277 turnpike st  south easton  Tobacco and Nicotine Delivery Product Sales  peter241789@gmail.com  5082303009    TNDP-19-0019  Details 
 Prashant Patel  White Rose Pantry  277 turnpike st  South Easton  Dumpster Application  peter241789@gmail.com  2033942820    DPBR-19-0207  Details 
   John Rooney  11 Pleasant Heights  N. Easton  Disposal System Construction  johncrooney@yahoo.com  5082301847    DSC-19-0018  Details 
   Mike & Patricia Conley  37 Center Street  N. Easton  Percolation Tests/Soil Examinations  grcpe@aol.com      PTR-19-0016  Details 
 Jason Haskell  Jason Haskell  102 West Main St  Norton  Title V Inspector  liz@allclearseptic.com  5087634431  13520  TV-19-0030  Details 
 Antonino Caponigro  Antonino Caponigro  114 Emory Street  Mansfield  Title V Inspector  dominicaribeiro@gmail.com  5082237259  SI3141  TV-19-0029  Details 
   Tim Higgins  4 New Pond Rd  Easton  Well Application  tj@gapmtndrilling.com  6039210157      Details 
 Paul Gouveia  Paul Gouveia  86 Danforth street  Rehoboth  Title V Inspector  gogoo340@yahoo.com.au  7745658169  SI 13726  TV-19-0028  Details 
   Katherine Johnson  284 Foundry Street  S. Easton  Local Upgrade Approval (9A)  katherine202@gmail.com  5089300075      Details 
   Katherine Johnson  284 Foundry Street  S. Easton  Disposal System Construction  katherine202@gmail.com  5089300075      Details 
   Johann Sainsbury  103 Pine Street  Easton  Percolation Tests/Soil Examinations  gbunavicz@gmail.com      PTR-19-0015  Details 
   Restaurants To You.Com  110 Center  North Easton  Food Establishment  kevin@restaurantstoyou.com  6175004494    FEP-19-0136  Details 
   Nick Zeoli  34 Miller Road  N. Easton  Disposal System Construction  nzeoli14@comcast.net  5082727540    DSC-19-0020  Details 
   Shamrock Realty  53 Peterson Road  s. Easton  Percolation Tests/Soil Examinations  gallengineering@aol.com      PTR-19-0013  Details 
   Hale Bone Broth at Simpson Spring  719 Washington St  S. Easton  Food Establishment  CHONEN@MSN.COM  7818444418    FEP-19-0137  Details 
   John Rooney  11 Pleasant Heights Drive  N. Easton  Percolation Tests/Soil Examinations  grcpe@aol.com      PTR-19-0011  Details 
   David Wood  42 Western Ave.  Easton  Percolation Tests/Soil Examinations  grcpe@aol.com      PTR-19-0012  Details 
   Dee McGlaughlin  12 Reynolds Street  Easton  Percolation Tests/Soil Examinations  david@bdoengineering.com      PTR-19-0014  Details 
   White rose deli  277 Turnpike Street  South Easton  Food Establishment  dave09261962@gmail.com  5082303009    FEP-19-0139  Details 
 Thomas Pozerski P.E. LEED AP  Thomas Pozerski P.E. LEED AP  26 Union Street  Plymouth  Title V Inspector  tpozerski@merrillinc.com  7744546571  SI3670  TV-19-0027  Details 
   David Hall  82 Highland Street  S. Easton  Percolation Tests/Soil Examinations  grcpe@aol.com      PTR-19-0010  Details 
   Pam Foley  9 King Avenue  North Easton  Disposal System Construction  bosse01@comcast.net  5083455739    DSC-19-0012  Details 
 Hub Technical Services LLC  Hub Technical Services LLC  44 Norfolk Aev  South Easton  Dumpster Application  jbenvie@hubtech.com  5082389887    DPBR-19-0203  Details 
   michael delaney  14 ARTHUR ROAD arthur Road  NORTH EASTON  Disposal System Construction  mike.delaney@stryker.com  2018324606    DSC-19-0013  Details 
 Mark Perron  T & M Realty Corp  318 Turnpike Street  N. Easton  Disposal Works (Septic) Installer  mark@tmrealty.comcastbiz.net  5085092888    DWI-19-0042  Details 
 Benjamin Salisbury  Easton Rod and Gun Club  112 Howard St.  South Easton  Temporary Food Permit  benjamin.d.salisbury@gmail.com      TFP-19-0007  Details 
 Benjamin Salisbury  Easton Rod and Gun Club  112 Howard St.  South Easton  Temporary Food Permit  benjamin.d.salisbury@gmail.com      TFP-19-0006  Details 
 Graham Waste Services  Graham Waste Services  215 CJC Hwy  Cohasset  Dumpster Service  jmason@grahamwaste.com  7813834000    DPS-19-0020  Details 
 Randall Towers  Randall Towers  579-581 Washington Street  South Easton  Dumpster Application  marybethpike66@gmail.com  7818647546    DPBR-19-0202  Details 
 ABC Disposal Service, Inc.  ABC Disposal Service, Inc.  1245 Shawmut  New Bedford  Dumpster Service  jdugan@abcdisposal.com  8003109111    DPS-19-0019  Details 
 Dooley Disposal Services, LLC  Dooley Disposal Services, LLC  6B Mechanic St  Foxboro  Dumpster Service  info@dooleyservices.com  5085431389    DPS-19-0018  Details 
 Anthony J Spitalieri  Dooley Disposal Services LLC  6 B Mechanic St  Foxboro  Household Rubbish and Garbage  anthony.libwaste@gmail.com  5085431389    HRG-19-0004  Details 
   Thomas Clarke  171 Poquaticut Ave  Easton  Percolation Tests/Soil Examinations  bwilsonjr@gwsitesolutions.com      PTR-19-0009  Details 
 Holy Trinity Lutheran Church  Holy Trinity Lutheran Church  143 Lincoln Street  North Easton  Dumpster Application  Gunvor1946@verizon.net  5082386666    DPBR-19-0201  Details 
   NIck Zeoli  34 Miller Road  N. Easton  Percolation Tests/Soil Examinations  grcpe@aol.com      PTR-19-0008  Details 
   Richard Costa  23 Eisenhower Drive  South Easton  Local Upgrade Approval (9A)  rwjcosta@gmail.com  5082382908    LA-19-0007  Details 
   Richard Costa  23 Eisenhower Drive  South Easton  Disposal System Construction  rwjcosta@gmail.com  5082382908    DSC-19-0011  Details 
   James Donato  44 Deborah Lee Lane  North Easton  Disposal System Construction  j.donato@jadbuilders.com  5089329769    DSC-19-0010  Details 
   UF Inc. Mutual Gas  675 Washington Street  South Easton  Tobacco and Nicotine Delivery Product Sales  nawaz.k1998@yahoo.com  5082380342    TNDP-19-0018  Details 
   UF Inc. dba Mutual Gas  675 Washington  South Easton  Food Establishment  nawaz.k1998@yahoo.com  5082380342    FEP-19-0129  Details 
 nawaz khawaja  UF Inc. dba Mutual Gas  675 Washington St.  South Easton  Dumpster Application  nawaz.k1998@yahoo.com  5082380348    DPBR-19-0200  Details 
 john divincenzo  j and s development corp/ stewarts septic  58 south kimball st  bradford  Septage Hauler  jandsdevelopment@hotmail.com  9783727471    SH-19-0022  Details 
   Not Just Thaboule  110 Center  Easton  Food Establishment  sawayascatering@yahoo.com  5082380037    FEP-19-0127  Details 
   A and S Family Inc. DBA: Easton Lucky Corner  670 Depot Street  North Easton  Food Establishment  andym7878@gmail.com  5082302608    FEP-19-0128  Details 
   Robert Clary  8 Copperfield Avenue  N. Easton  Local Upgrade Approval (9A)  rclary24cfp@gmail.com  5082387703    LA-19-0009  Details 
   Robert Clary  8 Copperfield Avenue  N. Easton  Disposal System Construction  rclary24cfp@gmail.com  5082387703    DSC-19-0017  Details 
 Lesley P Heyl  Red Wagon Refreshents. Mobile Cafe  9 Main St.  North Easton  Temporary Food Permit  lesleyheyl@gmail.com  8604600034    TFP-19-0005  Details 
 William T. Powers  859 REALTY TRUST II  859 WASHINGTON ST  SO EASTON  Dumpster Application  terry.powers@waleonard.com  5085774399    DPBR-19-0197  Details 
   Cafe Hayashi  447 Turnpike  South Easton  Food Establishment  praha999@hotmail.com  5082389160    FEP-19-0130  Details 
   Oakes Ames Memorial Hall  3 Barrows St ext.  North Easton  Food Establishment  info@oakesameshall.org  5082389995    FEP-19-0126  Details 
   Mark Halvorsen Realty Trust  25 Belmont St  South Easton  Disposal System Construction  halvortho@aol.com  6177972058    DSC-19-0019  Details 
 George  Baker Commodities, Inc.  134 billerica Ave PO Box 132  Billerica  Septage Hauler  gchasse@bakercommodities.com  9784548811    SH-19-0024  Details 
 Frederick L Ames  Oakes Ames Memorial Hall Association Inc.  P.O. Box 34 P.O. Box 34  North Easton  Dumpster Application  info@oakesameshall.org  5082389995      Details 
 Oakes Ames Memorial Hall Association Inc.  Oakes Ames Memorial Hall Association Inc.  3 Barrows Street  North Easton  Dumpster Application  info@oakesameshall.org  5082389995    DPBR-19-0196  Details 
 TOWN OF EASTON  Fire Station 2  85 Depot STREET  N. EASTON  Dumpster Application  jjacobson@easton.ma.us  5082300800    DPBR-19-0187  Details 
 Town of Easton - DPW  Town of Easton - DPW  130 Center St  South Easton  Dumpster Application  jjacobson@easton.ma.us  5082300800    DPBR-19-0188  Details 
 Town of Easton - Fire Dept.  Town of Easton - Fire Dept.  413 Bay Road  South Easton  Dumpster Application  jjacobson@easton.ma.us  5082300800    DPBR-19-0189  Details 
 Town of Easton - Town Hall  Town of Easton - Town Hall  136 Elm St  South Easton  Dumpster Application  jjacobson@easton.ma.us  5082300800    DPBR-19-0190  Details 
 Town of Easton - Fire / Police Dept.  Town of Easton - Fire / Police Dept.  46 Lothrop Street  South Easton  Dumpster Application  jjacobson@easton.ma.us  5082300800    DPBR-19-0191  Details 
 Town of Easton - Frothingham Hall / COA  Town of Easton - Frothingham Hall / COA  15 Barrows Street  South Easton  Dumpster Application  jjacobson@easton.ma.us  5082300800    DPBR-19-0192  Details 
 Town of Easton - Town Pool Workshop  Town of Easton - Town Pool Workshop   Lincoln St  South Easton  Dumpster Application  jjacobson@easton.ma.us  5082300800    DPBR-19-0193  Details 
 Town of Easton - Water Division  Town of Easton - Water Division  417 Bay Road  South Easton  Dumpster Application  jjacobson@easton.ma.us  5082300800    DPBR-19-0194  Details 
   Easton Baptist Church  197 Bay  North Easton  Food Establishment  office@eastonbaptistchurch.org  5082387467    FEP-19-0134  Details 
   Mario Sanfilippo  260 Washington Street  N. Easton  Local Upgrade Approval (9A)  mfsanfi@yahoo.com  5089301311    LA-19-0010  Details 
   Mario Sanfilippo  260 Washington Street  N. Easton  Disposal System Construction  mfsanfi@yahoo.com  5089301311      Details 
   The Foundry  520 Street  South Easton  Food Establishment  nllevine@hotmail.com  5082300058    FEP-19-0125  Details 
 The Foundry  The Foundry  520 Foundry Street  South Easton  Dumpster Application  nllevine@hotmail.com  6175104135    DPBR-19-0186  Details 
   Maguire's Bar & Grill  503 Foundry  Easton  Food Establishment  nllevine@hotmail.com  5082308888    FEP-19-0121  Details 
 Maguire's Bar & Grill  Maguire`s Bar & Grill  503 Foundry St.  Easton  Dumpster Application  nllevine@hotmail.com  6175104135    DPBR-19-0185  Details 
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